Forum Title: Will roofing be done by robots some day?
I was just thinking of this today. I wonder if we roofers will ever be replaced by robots? It seems there is talk of every other profession being taken over by robots.
Category: Roofing Post By: MARTIN MYERS (Richardson, TX), 01/24/2018

I saw an article about a robot that lays bricks. Anything is possible. It‚s kind of odd to think about a future where robots do everything. I don‚t know what it would feel like to have nothing to do. It‚s going to be hard for people to find work. That‚s for sure. No one can outwork a robot.

- JAIME RAMSEY (Downers Grove, IL), 03/09/2018

It‚s going to happen some day. I‚m glad I‚ll be retired then. I won‚t have to worry about any of it. It seems like a funny topic. But, robots are going to take away most of the jobs in the future. I remember back when people complained about robots taking over jobs in the auto industry. Some day soon everything will be ran by robots. You‚ll go to McDonald‚s and the entire process will be a robot. Maybe just one person working the whole restaurant.

- MELVIN GUZMAN (McAllen, TX), 03/25/2018

I‚ve got a long ways to go before I can retire. I expect at some point most things will be done by machines. I worked in a factory before becoming a roofer. I liked it. But, it was real hot. Even during the time of year you hate. It was real hot inside that place.

- TANYA PARK (North Charleston, SC), 05/21/2018

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