Forum Title: Why I hate roofing!
Back in 1993-23 yrs ago- I installed 35 sq of Prestique Plus and 5 sq of torch down on a house with ridge vents and z-ridge. This was a premI'm job back then with a 40 yr guarantee. The house had been built in ?85 with standard 3-tab and insurance paid for part of this roof. All of the neighbors raved about this roof and the house was the best looking in the entire area. The pitiful thing is that I only got 1 referral but lost the job because I could not get to It'soon enough for the anxious homeowner. Since then, I have installed 2 solatubes at different times and had only one problem with a deck nail that had ?magically? backed out. The house is still the best looking house in the area. Last week, the lady of the house called and said the insurance company said they needed a new roof and to get 3 bids. They already had been paid on their claim. I asked who told her to get 3 bids because that is not what is done. I'mediately I felt antagonI'm from her. I said that I needed to look at the roof. I'made an appointment and called before I left. I talked to the man of the house and he said all he really wanted was a price because I already knew the house. I said I needed to see the roof and he reluctantly agreed. Normally, I would write these people off as idiots and a waste of time, but on this roof, I had to see for myself what was going on. I get on the roof and inspected it. There is absolutely no hail damage. Normally, z-ridge will get beat to death by even small hail, but I saw very little damage. I asked to see the adjuster?s exactimate. They did not want me to see it. They only wanted a price. They finally showed me the one page that had the roofing totals. The adjuster had totaled the roof, estimated the age at 8 years, and depreciated the payout. Of course, their policy granted recoverable depreciation, but these people did not know that. (The fact is, very few people can decipher those damn exactimates.) He wanted a price, so I said $12,000, just like the adjuster said in the exactimate. (Oh, by the way, the adjuster left off about $4,000 because he adjusted for light weight laminates and didn't pay for the flat roof.) The man said he was only going to pay $9,000 for the roof. If I couldn't do that, he had someone else. I said material alone was going to be at least $6,000. We went back and forth and the guy finally kicked me off his property. Now there had been catastrophic hail about 6 miles north of this house but they only got hit with a little of it. The storm chasers are everywhere. It is pretty clear that a storm chaser told him he had hail damage and an insurance adjuster paid the claim making several mistakes. It is also pretty clear that he is trying to save his deductible and he had no interest in taking advantage of my help. I hate storm chasers, insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and stupid people.
Category: Roofing Post By: R Bean (Jersey City, NJ), 03/16/2018

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