Forum Title: When is enough? (Random thoughts on roofing)
So I am the proud owner of a roofing company??..all the bills, all the responsibility, the lack of work but I Can't really complain, at least about the work we do find. We have been a small company doing what we can for the past few years, we have earned our reputation and we have weathered the storms? $4 gas, materials price increases, bad economy, but really, enough is enough. I went to work down in the greater houston area (I am from El Paso) as a sub for a roofing company (who shall remain nameless), only to be worse off than when we left. They have alot of work, all insurance based and from what I have seen mostly ?fraud? in my honest opinion. Knock a door, offer a free roof, and jump up on top and tear off shingles??blame it on Ike. Total BS, I have been doing roofing work for 7+ years now, insurance work, work for GCs, repair work, regular maintenance and now I am starving for work when ?fraudsters? are living high on the hog. Problem here is there are no real ?storms? and when the last one hit in 07 (giant hail) most anyone who had homowners insurance got a new roof (by out of town companies who left in a firestorm of lawsuits for poor workmanship, slick contracting and just plain unacceptable business practices) and so now with the economy how it is and our severe lack of rain to get people thinking of their roofs we get to twiddle our thumbs and just sit patiently for our next lead to call. Is anyone else in this situation? We have considered going out of town and ?storm chasing? so find work but everything I beleive in is at odds with That'scenario, I belI've in good work, repeat customers and doing things on the up and up with the insurance companies. I dunno, maybe I am just getting hypersensitive to this industry and I should just go along with the storm companies, get an rv, a cell phone and start collecting checks. Any opinions?
Category: Roofing Post By: AUDREY SANTOS (Waukegan, IL), 03/15/2018

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