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I was down at the little permit office of this small town about 25 miles from my office today getting a permit for a 200 sq. job we were fortunate enough to have come our way. This little town actually has the police riding around checking people doing ANY kind of work for permits. I'made a special 50 mile round trip just to get this permit. I knew way better than to start any job in that town without getting one first. When i walk in this little short man was over behind the counter talking to the lady i usually get the permits from. He started eyeing me doing a staredown. lol Then he started coming up with all kinds of questions about my job that they never asked me before. Then the guy goes and says i can not get the permit today they will have to look everything over blah blah blah. The lady told him yes he can get one too if its ?just for a roof?! lol He kept drilling me for a bit more then finally walked out. Its my opinion that an inspector should look for things that are right and not just for things that are wrong. Seek and ye shall find. This guy was already trying to ?MAKE? something be wrong and i haven't even started the job yet. I was only doing the right thing and getting the permit a few days in advance. Had another lady call me yesterday saying an inspector told her there was a ?split? in her upper gutter. So i go look at it and it was only where the gutter folks cut a hole for water to run out. lol Whats wrong with these folks? Is their job so boring they have to do this kind of stuff just to have something to do?
Category: Roofing Post By: MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (St. Joseph, MO), 03/15/2018

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