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A lady called today and told me a large tree had fallen on her house and wanted me to come over and give her a quote for Insurance purposes. Evidently I was being pessimistic today as i was thinking this is probably going to be a waste of my time but w.t.h. Upon arriving i remembered having done a repair for her a couple years back so turns out shes an existing client and a very happy one at that. ? She took me around to the back yard and pointed out this enormous tree stump. ( the tree service folks had already been there ) Then i look up and all the soffitt, facia, gutter and some of the rafters at the bottom overhang were broken off and laying on the ground. lol The deck was smashed in as well as her AC unit. :unsure: I?t was a good bit more wood damage than i had anicipated and the actual roofing repair work was going to be a very small job once the structural damage was repaired. About this time her insurance adjuster pulls up, jumps out of his car, walks over, introduces himself, looks up and says well i thought it was gonna be a lot worse than this. lol I was like oh boy here we go with the B.S. lol Then he pulls out an old wooden fold up ladder from the trunk of his car and runs up the roof with me trailing behind. To my amazement he started measuring the whole roof. I asked, are you going to pay a whole roof claim? He says, well why not its got hail damage all over the place, do you see it? I said oh yeah wow i didn't even look at it yet. ( I didn't see a darn thing ) lol Turns out he was filling in for some guy that just quit and he was heading back home ( up north somewhere ) the next day. He said he was paying all claims to the max for the rest of the day and then he was gone and wasn?t leaving anything behind. I never found the golden horse shoe but i should be passing it by tomorrow sometime. lol
Category: Roofing Post By: JAMIE LYONS (Camarillo, CA), 02/17/2018

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