Forum Title: Production & pay rates for shingling
What's your experience in your area? I know from past posts ?piece work? is forgein to alot of you. But surely, some places other than the west, utilize pc wk? I've experienced much less production rates than that of years past?.I'm going back 20yrs?.up to 6/12?.A shingler would typically do 12 ? 20 sqs/day?.I can remember on Davis-Bacon jobs a roofer was expected to do 16 sqs/day. I worked on re-roofing project on an AFB once, as a roofer, where they paid us for 8hrs, once we had 12 sqs. on?.Most of us were off by noon?.Today, It's rare to get a shingler who can do 8 sqs/day! Most are 5-6 SQS!?.It's painful to watch them work. As for pay?In 92?, in a particualr part of the country, I was paying $10/sq for comp up to 6/12?.Today the rate is $15/sq?.(should be $30+). These days, where We're at, I've been paying $25/sq?..Now, It'seems to me, if a guy puts on 12-16sqs/day, which isn?t really that difficult; That's darn good money?.($300-$400day)?.basically a $78,000 ? $104,000/yr salary rate, depending on his work ethic. What an opportunity! At how many professions can you jump off the turnip truck, and in a few days be making a viable living?
Category: Roofing Post By: WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 02/26/2018

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