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WTF is wrong with people? AS yous know I'm off for at least 3 weeks due to Hernia Op. , the recovery has been slow so far, swelling of the private parts makes it hard to move around at this point :blush: . I organised a guy to carry on where I left off on a Tanking job, torching up the wall, he came highly recommended by the material importer. I spent the day before I went into Hosp. with him preping the flap on the side of the footings, organising a pump to remove the ground water, priming the block wall with emulsion, getting materials on site and even put up a sheet together. He seemed to know what we were doing, and was quite enthusiastic. The work would have taken me 5 days tops (even with the hernias). It has taken him a week and he is only half way. :woohoo: I spoke to the builder and the guy showed up 3 days last week but one of those days he dissapeared for several hours several times. It looks like he has been doing another job at the same time, probably a coating job, that would explain the gaps. Now it was all agreed that for $50 an hour he would give the job priority. $50 is double the going rate for a roofer/torcher here. To do what he had to do would have been worth $2000 and that was the budget I told him he had, we would pay him the $2000 to get to the point we wanted, you would think he would getherdone as fast as he could. :dry: So the builder phoned yesterday, Wednesday, ?wheres Wally??, he hasn?t been in all week :blink: Tried to get him on the phone but he wasn?t answering, 4 or 5 times throughout the day. The builder is spewing, diggers are all arranged for Friday to backfill the trench( they are hard to get) and nothing is happening. Marlene has volunteered to go down and do the work with two labourers from Labour Hire company, God Bless Her. She knows what to do, in fact m2 wise she has done more of this type of work than I have, but shes 63 yrs old FCS!! I feel so helpless. The guy is fired BTW :angry: Paid him $1000 for what he did last week last Friday, maybe we should have waited till he was finished the whole thing, but I thought he would appreciate the part payment.
Category: Roofing Post By: ELAINE JACOBS (Warwick, RI), 03/14/2018

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