Forum Title: Is the roofing industry slowing down?
With a lot of the struggles the economy has been facing the last 10 or so years, how do you think the roofing business has fared? Has it slowed down or is it starting to pick back up?
Category: Roofing Post By: Jason H (Yonkers, NY), 01/26/2018

I don't think it has ever slowed down. It was just something people went without when they were tight one money. Think of all the foreclosed homes out there that have roofing that is 20+ years old because the previous owner just didn't or couldn't afford to repair it.

- JESSICA H (Cleveland, OH), 03/03/2018

I‚ve wondered if at some point there will be fewer homes and more people living in apartments and how this may affect our jobs. I suppose those big apartment buildings need roofing work too. I have a feeling we‚re going to have jobs for quite some time.

- CHRISTIAN MILES (Vista, CA), 03/24/2018

This business isn‚t going anywhere. Roofs are like toilets, we all need them. That‚s the truth and everyone deep down inside knows it. You can‚t get away from the need to stay both warm and dry.

- FELIX HIGGINS (Southfield, MI), 05/10/2018

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