Forum Title: Customer Qualifying Questions ‚An Oldie But Goodie From Dr. Roof
Such great advice never gets old! TOPIC DR.ROOF ? CUSTOMER QUALIFYING QUESTIONS Who referred you to Dr. ROOF? Can I ask a few questions to help us both save some time when I come out? What made you choose to call us? How many quotes are you planning on getting? Are you calling other members of the MSCA? When would you like to have the work started? Is the roof leaking now or has it leaked in the past? What kind of roof do you have right now? How old is the current roof? Why do you think it needs to be replaced? Is this project insurance, RRAP or other government project? Is this your residence or a rental property? How long have you lived in this house? Does the house have a history of ice damming? Are you waiting for other estimates to come in? What is the most important aspect of the job to you? Material quality, workmanship, price, warranty? Can you wait 2 weeks for Dr.ROOF to make it out to do an estimate? Then take contact information. What are your comments? additions? deletions? REPLIES TWILL ‚?? Does it bother you that I ask so many questions? If so, why? If not, why not? Can you think of anymore questions I could?ve asked you? Should?ve asked you? Is there anything you would?ve asked me? If you were me? Can ask you another question? Can I ask you ask you a question after that? Is there a limit to the questions I can ask you? Or no limit at all? IS there a reason for these questions? Would you like a turn asking me a question? MISCREANT ‚?? Does your dog bite? SERRANO ? Having the questions does not mean you have to ask all of them every time. The fact That'someone would be willing to go through the questions with you without rushing you is a very good qualifier in itself. We also have a long qualifying list of questions. Sometimes we only get to #2 to schedule an app or tell them we are not interested. Other times it takes the whole list. TINNER ? We have a backlog of 6 weeks on top of the 2 weeks to go before we can write the estimate. Can you wait that long for a quality job? CHIPPER ‚?? What's your wife look like? Is she a stay at home wife? What time do you get home from work? JESSE ‚?? I think those are great questions. If you ask a lot of questions it will sound like you care about the person and their home. It will also allow you to figure out if this person is the right customer for you.
Category: Roofing Post By: BYRON DANIEL (Boynton Beach, FL), 02/08/2018

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