Forum Title: Best Ways to Prevent Water Damage
How should I prevent water damage on my roof this winter? I'm looking for practical tips I can accomplish with tools and materials from my local store. Last year I had quite a problem with leaks when it rained.
Category: Roofing Post By: RICK CONTRERAS (Whittier, CA), 01/20/2018

The first thing I'd do is pick up some Black Jack and apply it wherever I had small leaks (around chimneys, for instance). Do you know if the leaks are little ones like that or do you have larger issues?

- GLENDA MCCARTHY (Bowling Green, KY), 03/02/2018

Check where the leaks are on the inside first. You will see water damage quite easily. Even if it has just started. As BlackBear said, apply Black Jack where you know the leaks are. Do this before you repaint or repair walls/ceilings. Be sure to check around any pipes that lead up to the roof if you live in a Ranch style home.

- FRANCIS JACOBS (Hialeah, FL), 04/08/2018

BlackBear we actually did that already. We have a chimney of nothing, it is decorative only and we found two random leak spots and patched them up quickly. I have no idea who installed it or why they did (no one else in our neighborhood has one) but it was great to find something simple to use in order to fix it quickly.

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Stamford, CT), 05/23/2018

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